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Impact Kneepads - React

Impact Kneepads - React

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Comfort and unrestricted movement.

  • High performance reactive foam
  • Rounded seams for increased stretch
  • Flexible foam gasket design provides unrestricted movement
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Extra length
  • Regular fit
  • GLIDER Fabric


Unlock an unparalleled level of performance and comfort with our REACT kneepads.

This design features our signature tear resistant fabric with a high performance reactive foam gasket, providing you with the perfect all rounder kneepad. Our flexible foam padding is designed to adapt and respond to your movements on court providing you with unrestricted movement.

This model features a rounded upper and lower seam stitching, ensuring no loose threads even with extended use. If you are looking for a pair of versatile kneepads that offer great impact resistance, a fabric that can withstand friction burn and provides an unparalleled level of comfort, look no further.


Padding thickness: 12mm -16mm (tiered)


Worried about upkeep? Our kneepads are a breeze to maintain. Simply toss them into your washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle, and hang them to dry. Keep in mind, due to substantial padding, the drying process may require a bit more time- so remember to plan ahead!

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